Circuits Schematic

March 28, 2010 by Bern

Circuits Schematic
Originally uploaded by Sloucher2009

The circuit schematic I”m showing here (with apologies to real electronic enthusiasts) is a tiff copy of the Eagle file that I created when designing the circuits to control the lighting in this model.

There are two main circuits included here, one circuit is to try and reproduce the bussard collector flicker effect that you see at the front end of the engine nacelles on the tv model, and the other circuit simply flashes the navigational lights or beacons.

As you can see, both are very simple circuits, and are based around the good ol’ 555 timer chip. In the case of the navigational lights circuit (bottom right section) the 555 output is fed direct to a pair of LEDs (one red and one green connected in series). In the case of the bussard flickerers, the output is sent to a 4017 decade counter to then drive sequenced pairs of red and yellow LEDs.

Fingers crossed it all works ok!!